Review by Sarah Rose London

Not long ago I came across 72 Hairs product range (found them on their Instagram, here) and I feel the NEED to tell you about my experience with each of their (game-changing) products.

First off, the packaging is so chic! It’s clean and straight to the point which is always a win-win for me.

I started off with the Intense Moisture Shampoo. It was a touch on the runnier side (than what I’m used to) when I first poured it onto my hand but after I actually applied and rinsed, it turned out to be feel SO clean. I mean like, I’ve NEVER had a shampoo that’s left my hair feeling soft and clean without that normal matt-like feeling you get with drug store shampoos. It says it’s for chemically treated or damaged hair and I fall into that category so this is a god-send!!

The Hydrating Conditioner IS exactly what it says. I love the fact all of 72 Hairs products are cruelty free and vegan and so I was a little worried that the conditioner wouldn’t leave that long lasting heavenly soft feeling that it adds due to the fact It’s vegan but I couldn’t be more wrong! If anything it does better than what I’ve previously used – WHERE HAS THIS CONDITIONER BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!

After the shampoo and conditioning I went straight onto using the Intense Replenishing Mask which I’d seen a LOT of media coverage about (being an award winning product) so I was reaaally excited to try it! I’m not going to harp on about it too much all I’m going to say is – THIS IS A MUST HAVE. It’s heaven in a container and your hair NEEDS this kind of love once in a while (as instructed). My FAVOURITE product by far!!

The last products I used were the Repairing Oil and the Blow Dry Cream. The Repairing Oil is going to be one of those that I will continue to use and will share my results on my Instagram @sarahroselondon as It’ll take time, although after first application it felt amazing!
I absolutely loved the Blow Dry Cream too as it made my hair feel moisturised even after drying with a hair dryer!

It’s honestly so refreshing to come across an ENTIRE range of products that I’ve loved each and every product of – also a massive bonus that It’s cruelty free and vegan!

72 Hair you’ve won me over!

Sarah Rose London x

Lauren Hutton


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