5 Must Know Winter Hair Care Tips

With Christmas around the corner, we’re going to want our hair looking its best. However, along with the seasons changing, so does our hair. It is more susceptible to lose moisture during the winter months, causing it to be more prone to breakages. So let’s talk about how to weatherproof our hair and maintain luscious locks this winter.

1. Turn the temperature down

Despite this being the exact opposite of what our brains tell us to do during the winter months, it’s within our hairs benefit that we do. Turning down the temperature in the house will ensure that the change in temperature between you leaving the house and returning will ‘shock’ your hair less. Switching between hot and cold can irritate both your scalp and your skin.

2. Turn the temperature down: in the shower

There is no better way than to reward yourself with a relaxing hot shower after a long day at work. The hot water dehydrates your hair and lessens its moisture. Bathing in warm water is the more beneficial option.

3. Condition your hair

You may have guessed by now that the winter can strip your hair of its moisture. Therefore we need to put that moisture back in. You should regularly use a conditioning treatment like our Intense Replenishing Mask as it’s a great way to maintain and replace your hairs moisture. Nurse your hair with the Intense Replenishing Mask treatment once a week, and leave on for up to 30 minutes to make sure the conditioner diffuses into your hair shaft.

4. Don’t go outside with damp hair

Unlike during the summer months where we may use the sun as ‘natures hairdryer’ and naturally air dry our hair. Our hair doesn’t respond in the same way during the winter. Whether you have curly, straight, silky or coarse hair, your hair is more likely to break if you leave the house with damp hair in the winter. The reason for this is due to the water molecules in your hair solidifying and expanding, causing your hair strand, in essence, to freeze and snap.

5. Wear a hat

Other than being a great winter accessory, a hat functions to help maintain body heat as research suggests that up to 50% of body heat can be lost if your head remains uncovered. Choosing a hat with a silk/satin lining is beneficial for your hair. The reason being that although wool and cotton hats feel soft, they are actually quite coarse on our hair, in turn, this can cause split ends and breakage. When it comes to curls, a hat could quite literally be a hair saver. Curly hair is more vulnerable in the winter and is more likely to break. Applying our Repair Oil to the ends of your curls and then wearing a hat will increase its protection.

Lauren Hutton


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