Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair ONCE AND FOR ALL

No matter what the weather, you always seem to have frizzy hair that has seemed almost impossible to tame? Does this sound familiar? If it does, then I’m about to change the way you feel about your hair once and for all.

Firstly, what causes frizz?

While even perfectly healthy hair can absorb water and get frizzy, damaged hair is even more vulnerable. Heat, chemical treatments and bleaching, even sunshine can cause your cuticles to lift up and leave your hair vulnerable to humidity. Heat styling also reduces your scalp’s production of natural oils, which keep your hair moisturised. And did you know prolonged sun exposure can make your hair even more porous? Then it is even more vulnerable to frizz.

Leaving your hair wet for too long is also an issue. While air drying can prevent heat damage, water blasts cuticles open (more on that here) and neglecting to get it out fast (air drying) leaves them open, causing more frizz. And remember, wet hair is weak hair. By wicking excess moisture out quickly without rubbing, you can skip the heavy-duty bath towels that lead to frizz.

So with the facts behind us, let me now introduce you to our Smoothing Collection. It contains three perfectly paired products: the Intense Moisture Shampoo 250ml, Intense Replenishing Mask 250ml and Blow Dry Cream 150ml. It’ll completely rebalance your hair in the way it looks and feels!

So how does it work?

You start with our gentle, SLS-free, frizz-fighting and shine-enhancing Intense Moisture Shampoo, and follow with our Intense Replenishing Mask to help undo styling damage, and restore shine and manageability. Finish with our hero multi-tasking Blow Dry Cream, which reduces blow drying time, eliminates frizz and protects from heat damage.

What will it look like?

You’ll go from something like this..

To something like this!

Sometimes it’s just about going back to the basics by giving your hair a proper routine and some TLC. With all the seasonal parties coming up now is the best time to treat your hair properly by trying to help with some of the heat damage that we all know, has and will be done!

Lauren Hutton


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